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Thank you to Providence Health Division for funding this program!

This program is FREE to any family that wishes to attend.

1 Session of “Adverse Childhood Experiences” presented by Southern Oregon Success

·         Why positive parenting matters

·         Setting a foundation of nurturing parenting, appropriate ages and stages learning experiences, safety, and social and emotional intelligence.

7 Sessions of General Parenting Education

Topics included:

·         Community Resources (All Parenting Educators are experts on their community and can help families get services they need)

·         Positive Parenting/Positive Discipline (age appropriate)

·         Playing (is learning) with Children

·         Appropriate Rules & Expectations

·         Ages & Stages Development (Sleep Routines, Potty Training, Screen Time, etc.)

·         Nutrition & Routines

·         Family Budgeting & Money Management (this also ties into Stress Management)

·         Parental Self-Care & Stress Management

·         Co-Parenting

·         Communication (with Children and other Family Members)

1 Session of “Resilience & Self-Regulation” presented by Southern Oregon Success


·         Meal for parents and children each session

·         Child Care taught with social-emotional curriculum

·         Attendance Prizes

 More information: | 541-734-5150 x1050

Pre-registered parents will be invited to attend this 9 session Parenting Series.

*Upcoming location for FALL 2019: Central Point Elementary, 450 S 4th St, Central Point, OR. 

As always, you are welcome to join ANY general parenting ed class found on our online community calendar of parenting education:

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