Learner Protocols Survey Welcome Page

Moggill State School (MSS) is proud to be part of the Curiosity and Powerful Learning project. This is an innovative school improvement methodology that identifies 10 Theories of Action (ToAs) that when implemented successfully, create dynamic improvements in school culture and academic results.
As a school we are justifiably impressed with the work we have already done on the following ToAs: Adopting Consistent Teaching Protocols; Committing to Assessment for Learning; Harnessing Learning Intentions, Narrative and Pace; Connecting Feedback to Data; and Establishing High Expectations and Authentic Relationships. The work however, like learning, is never complete.
The next critical piece of our school improvement strategy is developing Consistent Learner Protocols. These are the core set of values or attributes that underpin everything we teach and the way that we teach it. These Learner Protocols delve into the heart of our practice: the skills or 'gifts' we want our Moggill children to have at the core of their learning. But we need your help to do it.
Please take the time to respond to this survey about Learner Protocols and give us your feedback. It is the collective feedback you give the school that will enable us to shape the children of MSS into the types of learners that you believe is critical to their future.
Thank you in advance.  
MSS Staff and Students