No Mall at Sharks Cove! Yes to North Shore First Responder Center!

Future of the North Shore: more tourism or services for residents?

Does our community want a massive tourist mall built next to Foodland across from Sharks Cove? Or instead does our community want a new North Shore First Responder Center for our Lifeguards, Ambulance, and disaster response?  Make your voice heard!  
1.Do you support the construction of a 34,500 SF tourist mall (with 126 parking spaces and five food trucks) across from Sharks Cove (next to Foodland)?
2.Do you support the alternative use of this parcel for a new North Shore First Responder Center - to include Lifeguard base station, ambulances, and disaster response services?
3.Please add your name here to a petition that will be sent to the Mayor, City Council, and City Department heads:
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6.Do you have any comments to add about your responses?