Listing and annotation: Diatomaceous earth—food filtering aid only

Use: As a natural non-agricultural product allowed as an ingredient/processing aid in or on processed products labeled as "organic" or "made with (specified organic ingredients/food groups)".

Common applications: Kieselguhr. A porous and relatively pure form of silica formed from fossil remains of diatoms-one celled algae with shells. Inert when ingested. Used in dentifrices, as a clarifying agent and as an absorbent for liquids because it can absorb about four times its weight in water. Used as a buffer for acid-proofing food packaging and as insecticide.

Reference: 7 CFR 205.605(a)

Date listed: 2002

Sunset Date:
Current - 6/27/2017
Next - 2022
New Review Date - 2019 (review in 2017)