Tolazoline Overview

Substance: Tolazoline (CAS #–59–98–3)

Annotation: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the lawful written or oral order of a licensed veterinarian, in full compliance with the AMDUCA and 21 CFR part 530 of the Food and Drug Administration regulations. Also, for use under 7 CFR Part 205, the NOP requires: (i) Use by or on the lawful written order of a licensed veterinarian; (ii) Use only to reverse the effects of sedation and analgesia caused by Xylazine; and (iii) A meat withdrawal period of at least 8 days after administering to livestock intended for slaughter; and a milk discard period of at least 4 days after administering to dairy animals.

National List Citation: 7 CFR 205.603(22)

Date Listed: 2007

Sunset Date:
Current - 6/27/2017
Next - 2022
New Review Date - 2019 (review in 2017)

Use and Brand Name Products: Used to Reverse the Effects of Xylazine After Surgical Procedures on Organic Livestock