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Information for Survey Participants

Dear Respondent,

Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) of the University of the South Pacific in partnership with Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) intends to develop a new programme in the Sports & Health Field. Hence, we request your participation in this survey so that your feedback helps us in developing a programme that addresses the current demand/need/gap areas in the broad Sports & Health field.

For more information or queries in regards to this survey, please email Priya Devi on

Thanks and looking forward to your valuable participation.


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* 1. Personal Details (your name and email address will not be disclosed so be assured of complete confidentiality) 

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* 2. Would you be interested to study a programme in the ‘Sports and Health Science’ field from the University of the South Pacific.

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* 3. At which level do you want this programme to be developed at so that it best suits your preferences?

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* 4. Which mode of study best suits your preference to study this programme?

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* 5. What do you think would be your key challenge(s) in undertaking this programme? (tick your best 2 options)

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* 6. Please state the key areas/modules that this programme should have (you can choose the options from appendix 1 or state other areas not mentioned in appendix 1)

Appendix 1: Possible options for question 6.

Level 4.

Introduction to the Fitness Industry. L4
-To introduce students to the ethics of the fitness industry allowing the provision of a safe exercise environment.

Exercise Training. L4
-To allow students to apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology to exercise training programmes.

Nutrition. L4
-To introduce students to the process of applying motivational and communication techniques to support optimal nutrition for exercise.

Level 5.

Exercise considerations for special populations. L5
-To provide students the relevant knowledge and skills to design and deliver exercise and nutritional plans within their scope of practice for special population groups and identify key referral pathways for these clients.

Exercise prescription for Health and wellbeing. L5
-To provide the student with the knowledge and skills to integrate and apply an exercise intervention programme for healthy clients.

Advanced Training. L5
-To provide students with the knowledge and skills to design and implement advanced training programmes for individuals. This module will also investigate exercise trends in the fitness industry.

Human Body Systems 1. L5
-To introduce students to the structure, components and function of the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nervous, Endocrine Systems. Muscle physiology will also be introduced. This will provide a foundation for the study of sport and exercise science.

Human Body Systems. L5
-To introduce students to the structure, components and function of the Digestive, Urinary, Immune and Lymphatic systems. This will provide a foundation to the study of sport and exercise science.

Fitness Industry Business Skills. L5
-To introduce students to the key concepts of marketing, business and customer retention

 Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy. L5
-To introduce students to the human muscular and skeletal systems, as they relate to physical activity, sport and exercise.

Exercise Programming and Design. L5
-To provide the students with an understanding of the procedures and principles underpinning safe and effective exercise testing and prescription for the general public.

Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology. L5
-To introduce students to some of the core concepts relating to behavior, motivation and exercise adherence.

Networking and nutrition for personal training. L5
-To allow the student to develop networks with other allied professionals to support client outcomes, with an emphasis on providing appropriate referrals and follow-up actions.

Lifestyle, Nutrition and Health. L5
-To enable students to become informed, responsible and proactive in the promotion of personal health. Factors that affect health will be examined and the potential role of lifestyle choices in the maintenance and improvement of health status will be discussed.

Physical Literacy. L5
-To develop an understanding of the theoretical foundations of motor development and physical literacy. The student will understand the individual nature of physical literacy and its relationship to motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that establishes purposeful physical pursuits throughout all stages of life.

Human Movement Studies. L5
-To introduce students to the fundamental concepts for analysing human movement and their application to a range of sporting and exercise activities.

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* 7. What job/role would you hope to get after completing this programme?

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* 8. Any other relevant comment/feedback from you in regards to the development of this programme.

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