The PTA would like YOUR input on this IMPORTANT matter by Tuesday, March 28th!

The following list describes items which are up for a vote by PTA members. PLEASE READ AND THEN RANK the following items in terms of how YOU would like this $26,000 to be spent.  Please note:  This is a survey to gather your opinions and include them in the actual ballot.  To actually vote on these items - you must be present at the PTA meeting on April 5, 2017.
1. Additional Laptop computers dedicated to each classroom Cost: $26k; Implementation time: May 2017. Parent/teacher/staff participation needs: low

The PACE program has supplied 5 laptops per each 3-5th grade classrooms. This option would be to purchase and supply as many additional as possible at ~$700 each, plus mice and headphones. Target of 38 laptops allocated as such: 3 each in K-2, 1 per Olympic classroom, 1 for the resource room, and 1 additional in 3-5.

2. Additional Books for the Book Room and Library Cost: $26k; Implementation time: Spring 2017. Parent/teacher/staff participation needs: low

This would focus on additional small- group instruction books for all grade levels in the book room and additional non-fiction books for the Library. Actual books purchased will be chosen by Ashely Kardos and Nancy Foster with input from Teachers.

3. Cover for the play structures on the K-1 playground. Cost: $26k+, Implementation time: 2017-18 school year+. Parent/teacher/staff participation needs: High/Extensive

Would require PTA committee to work with BSD Facilities Department on determining feasibility, design and construction logistics. May require additional funding after logistics have been determined. If so, a new vote will be held on whether or not to allocate additional funds.

4. Additional in-house assemblies/field trips or subsidize out of school trips. Cost: $15-$26k; Implementation time: 2017-18 school year+; Parent/teacher/staff participation needs: Moderate

This would augment the current $500 per grade level money already allocated for K-3 (more in 4-5). Single-grade assemblies generally cost $500-$1000 each, field trips cost $10-20 per pupil (not including transportation and teacher/staff time.) Would require a PTA committee to work with teachers, staff and administration on coordination. Expectation is that it would be a one or two year increase in the budget and not a permanent increase.

5. Fund outside group/district positions to provide organized games at recess Cost: $26k; Implementation time: 2017-18 school year; Parent/teacher/staff participation needs: Moderate

Find people/group that would come in at all recess time to provide organized activities at recess. Would be for a multi-year time period if considered effective in improving the recess experience.

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* 1. Please rank the following ideas on how the Eastgate PTA should spend the $26,000 surplus, where 1 indicates the idea you like the most, 5 indicates the idea you like the least.

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