1. Purpose

Landlord's Self-Help Centre regularly gathers feedback to evaluate the experience of our community partners and colleagues when accessing LSHC services. The information gathered is confidential and used to identify barriers to access and how these may be managed.

Thank you for taking our brief survey.

* 1. Why did you connect with Landlord's Self-Help Centre?

* 2. What was the first point of contact with Landlord's Self-Help Centre?

* 3. Please rank your access to services.

  Very Satisified Satisfied neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Access to services
Received a response to any inquiries within 2 business days

* 4. If a barrier to access was encountered, what was it?

* 5. Suggestion on how access to services and how LSHC's 2017 Landlord Learning and Networking Forum may be improved?

* 6. Name of agency/organization:

Thank you for taking the time to complete LSHC's Survey!