The mission of the JA Staff Alumni Network is to provide a network for staff alumni and to further the mission of JA USA.

As you know from your JA experience, if committees are to be effective, they need people!  We hope you'll be interested in making a difference by working on one of our committees.  Most committees meet monthly for about an hour.  There may be some follow-up work between meetings, depending on the committee.

Each of our committees focuses on one of the strategic initiatives of our annual Program of Work. A few of these committees are seeking members who would be willing to share their time and talents. 

> Digital Communications Committee (Laurie Stearn, Chair) - To determine optimal digital communications (social media & website) strategy & tactics for the next 2-5 years.
> Engagement Committee (Dennis Gilfoyle, Chair) - To provide members with meaningful opportunities to connect and engage with former JA colleagues.
> Membership Committee (Tami Godsey, Chair) - To use social media and other tools to identify, connect, and recruit people at all levels leaving JA to become JASAN members. 
> Archives Committee (Pamela Casteel, Chair) - To collaborate with IUPUI archivists in acquiring JA USA archival materials, and preparing oral histories. 
> History Committee (Sally Stamper, Chair) - To keep the history of JA and JASAN alive and easily available. 

If you are interested in working on a committee, please provide the information requested in the following questions.
Visit our website to review the JASAN committees and their purpose.

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* 2. Which committee(s) are you interested in? (check all that apply)

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* 3. Perhaps you do not have time presently to work on a committee, but you have a unique skill(s) or interest that you would be willing to share if a project needed some help. Let us know what skill(s) or experience you are willing to share on a project basis.

If you have indicated an interest in working on one or more of the JASAN committees, a Committee Chair will be in touch with you shortly to explain what is involved and the extent of the commitment required.

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The JA Staff Alumni Network Executive Committee
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