Request for Application


AAF Spokane is seeking applications from non-profit (501-C-3) organizations in the greater Spokane region to receive pro-bono creative development services through AAF Spokane’s annual Create event. The event features teams of local professional and student designers competing to produce messaging, visual designs and collateral materials for a worthy non-profit event. The selected non-profit will be able to choose their preferred collateral package from one team to be used to promote a designated event.

Create does generate key messaging / copywriting, a visual design system for the event, and a limited number of collateral / digital applications with these messages and visuals.

Create does not produce organizational brands, names of events, or strategic marketing plans of any kind. The work produces a limited series of marketing tactics only, but organizations are welcome to expand upon this work once delivered.

While we wish we could help every organization in need each year, we can only select one for Create. However, if we are not able to help you through Create this year, we will still work to pitch your organization and event to our membership in a pro-bono capacity. Many professionals and student organizations take on pro-bono projects of their own so we are happy to share your story to anyone with interest!

About Create

AAF Spokane brings the creative community together for one day to help a local non-profit help others. We put the skills of advertising professionals and students to the test by splitting them into teams and having them compete to design a collateral package specifically catered to a local non-profit. Volunteers of copywriters, designers, project managers and other creative minded individuals will present their work for the non-profit’s selection at the end of the day then everyone celebrates together! The competition is overseen by senior creative directors from the community and final files are made available to the nonprofit for unlimited marketing usage.
Judging Criteria

Applications will be judged by the AAF Board of Directors based on several criteria:

● Community impact - the good your organization does for our community and impact it has on lives (no matter how big or small)

● Organizational need - the resources at your disposal from a budgetary and talent standpoint

● Creative opportunity - the range of messaging, design and communications tactics that our teams would get to work with for your event

● Values - organizational alignment with AAF Spokane values (community empowerment, professional development, improving lives in the greater Spokane region)

Applications will be awarded based on merit determined by our board of directors. Selection will be final and no protest period will be allowed. The selection period will occur in March 2021 when a decision has been made.

Question Title

* 1. Non-Profit Information

Question Title

* 2. Minimum requirements of applying non-profit


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* 3. Provide information about your organization including its mission, vision, values, and summary of history in the Spokane region. In addition, tell us about the audiences your organization serves and the unique role it plays in our community.

Question Title

* 4. Describe the resources your organization has from a creative development standpoint, i.e. marketing and/or design resources in-house, freelancers you work with, or agencies who support your communications efforts. Additionally, please provide your organization's annual or event marketing budget, if available.


Question Title

* 5. Provide information about your event including the name, audiences, history, and specific goals. Additionally, describe your call to action for this event, required messaging, and any creative assets available to us including logos, photography, illustrations, or other materials.

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* 6. What specific deliverables you are hoping our teams of creatives can provide at the conclusion of our event? (Choose 4 options)


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* 7. Tell us why your organization and your event should be selected as this year’s Create organizational beneficiary. There’s no shortage of worthy non-profits in the greater Spokane region we would love to help, but we can only support one each year through Create. Why should we help yours?