WiSTEM2D Evaluations

The following questions are to provide us with information about the volunteer activity and any use of Spark WiSTEM2D resources. The purpose of the survey is gather information on the volunteer’s experience. No confidential or identifying information will be shared in subsequent reports.

* 1. Event ID (if known):

* 2. Date of the event:

Date / Time

* 4. STEM2D related area(s) of expertise in which you work (check all that apply)

* 5. Local operating company:

* 6. Is this your first time volunteering with young people in the STEM2D area(s)? Check yes or no.

* 7. Number of females participating:

* 8. Total number of attendees (volunteers and students):

* 9. Number of female students participating:

* 10. Number of J&J employees volunteering:

* 11. Students served (check all that apply):

* 12. Where did you volunteer?

* 13. Type of activity/event (choose one):

* 14. Briefly describe what you did (examples: making x models, creating simulations of y, conducting experiments on z, visiting a local museum, etc.)

* 15. Select the activity's content area(s). Check all the apply.

* 16. When did the event occur? Choose one.

* 17. What was the duration of the event/activity? Choose one.

* 18. Did you use the content in SPARK WiSTEM2D?

* 19. How did you use the SPARK WiSTEM2D Resource and/or the companion activities? Check all that apply.

* 20. Did you receive training on SPARK WiSTEM2D? Check yes or no.

* 21. As a result of implementing concepts and/or activities, please rate the level to which you agree with the following

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
I understand what STEM2D is.
I better understand the importance of STEM2D identity in the motivation of girls and young women to pursue STEM2D courses and careers.
I have a better understanding of the STEM2D philosophy.
I am more aware of the importance of collaboration and teamwork.
I am more aware of the importance of project-based activities in delivering STEM2D content.
I feel more confident about delivering STEM2D content to young people.
I feel more confident about conducting activities during which young people collaborate with each other.
I feel more confident about implementing project-based activities with young people.
I am interested in working with girls in STEM2D again in the future.
This opportunity has given me a better sense of my connection to J&J.
This opportunity has given me a better sense of my connection to my community.

* 22. If you answered yes to #3, just above, from whom did you receive the training?