* 1. How would you rate sidewalk conditions in these areas of Santa Rosa?

  Poor ... Good ... Excellent N/A
Downtown Business Districts (Old Courthouse Square, Railroad Square)
Historic Neighborhoods (Cherry, St. Rose, West End, McDonald, Burbank)
SRJC Area (including Ridgeway Historic District)
In YOUR Neighborhood (specify in comments)
By YOUR School (specify in comments)
By YOUR Place of Employment 
By YOUR Doctor or Dentist
By YOUR Favorite Shopping Area (specify in comments)
OTHER (specify in comments)

* 2. Have you ever tripped over a broken sidewalk in Santa Rosa?

* 3. Were you or somebody you know injured by a trip and fall from a broken sidewalk in Santa Rosa?

* 4. Does your mobility require assistance?

* 5. Who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks? (Check all that apply.)

* 6. Are street trees nice...or a nuisance?

* 7. What's the Verge condition in front of your residence?  (Verge is the tree or planter strip between the sidewalk and curb of the street.)

  Poor ... Good ... Excellent 
Street Trees
Fill Materials

* 8. Do you avoid areas of the City due to the condition of sidewalks?

* 9. Please rate the importance of these factors in your quality of life:

  Not Important ... Worthy of Consideration ... Very Important N/A
Safety (overall)
Accessibility (sidewalks, crosswalks, ramps)
Trees and Landscaping
Well-maintained Buildings
Compassion for Homeless Persons
Cleanliness and Sanitation (litter, dog waste, accumulated dirt)
Crime Prevention
Graffiti Removal
Noise Abatement
Police Presence
Safe Routes to School
Bicycle Lanes on Roadways
Bicycle Parking
Automobile Parking
Automobile Charging Stations
Public Restrooms

* 10. Do you have any other comments about sidewalks, street trees or verges?