Wisdom of the Elders is inviting Native American college-age students in the Portland area to serve as peer mentors for Discovering Yidong Xinag (“The Old Wisdom” in the Athabascan language). This Native American youth leadership initiative is designed to engage Native youth in environmental and climate studies through service learning by serving as peer mentors to middle school youth. They will have opportunities to learn about their local ecosystem, explore higher education in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) fields, and pursue STEAM career pathways. They will also learn film, audio, lighting, and post-production/editing techniques while producing a short video about a local Native, first foods, environmental, or climate issue.

* 1. 1. Basic Information

* 3. Year you graduated high school/ received GED or expected year?

* 4. Commitment and ability feedback:

  Yes Yes, but with limitations No
Can you commit to attending weekday training from June to August?
Are you available for Summer STEAM Science Camp sessions in June and July that includes a talking circle and feedback session at the close of each day’s camp?
Will you be available to complete a 5-min. video production by the
video production by the end of August? And attend future community film screening where the films you create will be screened and you and the teams will be honored?
Are you willing to serve as a role model and be a good example to younger youth during all Summer STEAM Science Camp activities where they are participating?

* 5. How does/will climate change effect your generation?

* 6. What excites you about your future education?

* 7. What strengths are you developing to become a role model in your community?

* 8. Please provide two references that we can contact.