* 1. Symposium Title

* 2. Speaker

* 3. Audio-Visual Equipment
A computer and data projector will be provided. Please specify any additional equipment required:

* 4. Educational Objectives: Please list 3 or more. The objectives should be written from the perspective of the learner, descriptive of what the learner will gain in knowledge, skills and attitudes as a result of participating in the event; and written to enable evaluation of achievement by the planners and participants.

Please use verbs that denote an observable action, such as “list, explain, summarize, discuss, compare, etc.” NOTE: It is no longer permitted to use words that indicate emotions or feelings such as “know, learn, appreciate, understand, recognize, etc.” ‎For a list of actionable words, please reference the "Speaker Information" page on the Garrod Symposium website.

At the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

* 5. Description: Please provide a summary of your presentation. At the end of your summary please indicate your target audience, for example, “The session will be of value to: medical biochemists, medical geneticists, etc.”

* 6. Biography: Please provide a short bio (1-2 paragraphs)

* 7. Speaker Signature and Date