United Way of Rhode Island is partnering with local nonprofit leaders to design a new nonprofit resource hub to build the capacity of nonprofits across the state.  While the effort is designed to be inclusive and accessible for all social impact organizations, United Way is committed to centering the voices and priorities of small, mid-size and BIPOC-led nonprofits.  

We would like to help lift up existing capacity building resources, address obstacles that nonprofits have to accessing support, and develop new initiatives that can strengthen nonprofit organizations and empower and equip the staff who work in the sector. 

There will be three phases of the design process, guided by a Design Team made up of 11 local nonprofit leaders and facilitated by Community Wealth Partners, a consulting firm with extensive experience in this type of work: 

Stage 1 — Landscape Mapping and Needs Assessment 
Stage 2 — Visioning 
Stage 3 — Business Model Development 

Deb Linnell, a local consultant, with extensive experience in nonprofit capacity building, will build on statewide input by researching both traditional and innovative national capacity building models through the summer. 

There will be open opportunities for input at each stage, through public Input Sessions, surveys and an online portal.  We would like to have stakeholders (nonprofit staff, Board members, volunteers, participants, policymakers, etc.) from across the state participate in the design process to ensure that your concerns, needs and innovative ideas are incorporated.  

Please join us for these public Input and Visioning Sessions.  More information and registration links 

Please share your ideas, questions and concerns below:

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* 1. Name, Organization, Email (optional)

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* 2. What is your role? Check all that apply.

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* 3. What do you want the Design Team to know?  Feel free to share your experience, perspective, ideas, questions and concerns.

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* 4. What programs, services and resources could a nonprofit resource center offer that would be most helpful to you, your organization, and your community?

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* 5. What other ideas do you have for initiatives, programs, services or resources that could strengthen the nonprofit sector in Rhode Island?

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* 6. What ideas do you have to build and strengthen the nonprofit workforce in Rhode Island -- recruitment and retention, leadership development, training, pipelines, succession, policy, compensation and benefits, potential partnerships, innovative approaches, etc.?

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* 7. What existing capacity building resources would you like to see expanded or made more accessible?  

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* 8. What questions or concerns do you have about this design process and/or a nonprofit resource center?

Thank you so much for your input and all the ways that you make our communities stronger.

Please join us at one of the Public Input or Visioning Sessions --
More information and registration at http://www.grantmakersri.org/resources-for-nonprofits/