Legal Aid Ontario Open Government consultation - Fall 2016

This web survey is part of LAO’s Open Government consultation. Feedback collected will help develop a multi-year plan to increase transparency, accountability, and participation in Ontario’s legal aid system.
Please read LAO’s discussion paper for more information.  

After the public consultation, LAO will issue a report for additional comment. LAO invites written comments through

1. Open government at LAO

LAO’s website demonstrates an active commitment to proactive disclosure of expense information and contracts, publication of key financial and service data, and reporting on freedom of information requests. LAO also regularly engages stakeholders and publishes reports on a quarterly and yearly basis.

Question Title

* 1. a) Is this information easily accessible? Please provide a rating on how we’re doing.

Question Title

* 1. b) If information is hard or impossible to find, please identify the issues.

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* 2. What are other formats or approaches LAO should consider? Please explain why and/or provide examples, if possible.

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* 3. What data or information should LAO publicly disclose that is not currently available?

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* 4. How interested are you in being able to access each of the following types of data?

  Not interested Very interested
Financial data
Certificate data
Duty counsel data
Service provider data