GP In-reach Program; GP Consultation Survey

Thank you for completing this 3 minute survey.

Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA) would like General Practitioners to have direct input into the processes being developed for the ongoing management of patients on Suboxone under the Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD) program.

Most patients take one to two years of continuous MATOD to achieve stability in their life. The longer a patient remains on MATOD, the more likely they are to do well during and after treatment. Therefore, to ensure new patients can access DASSA services quickly, DASSA needs to refer stable patients to their GP for ongoing MATOD prescribing. GPs are ideally positioned to deliver interventions, as well as provide continuity of care and coordinate services across multiple health providers.

This survey is seeking to:
1) Find ways DASSA can support and work more effectively with GPs. 
2) Identify barriers to the transfer of MATOD patients between DASSA and general practice. 
3) Identify GPs to work with DASSA in the development of a supportive model transitioning patients to general practice.

This survey is anonymous unless you choose to provide contact details.