Draft Zero & Crowdfunding

Draft Zero is run at a financial loss. We do it because we love it and want to keep learning. But it limits what we can offer to our loyal listeners. For example, we would love to have transcriptions available for all our episodes -- but they'd cost over $200AU per episode to do! We don't write Tim Burton movies, so that's a lot of money for us.

We don't like ads and we don't like paywalls. We believe that patreon offers us the best solution to continue producing podcasts for free... without ads...  and making them freely accessible. Instead, we'd offer additional benefits to Patreon subscribers...

Wha.. .Patreon? Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that's essentially a subscription Kickstarter. Your offer a pledge per episode that we release, and the pledge is only taken when we release an episode! And pledges aren't much either, probably around $1-$3 per ep.

Patreon is really great (we support other projects that way) and will help us build DRAFT ZERO into something even better.

But before we go down this path, we want to know what our listeners think!

Question Title

* Should Draft Zero use Patreon to help us fund the project?

Question Title

* What "rewards" would entice you to become a patreon supporter of DRAFT ZERO? (Click all that imply, or suggest some!)

Thanks very much for your support & thoughts!
-- Stu & Chas!