Hello, thankyou for your continued support to suffers of Type 1 Diabetics,

 My name is Meg Foord and I am a Year Twelve student at Mary Mackillop College in Adelaide, South Australia.  I am currently in the process of completing my ‘Research Project’ which is a compulsory subject under the SACE (South Aust Cert of Ed) guidelines requiring students to formulate a question of interest and utilise various avenues of research to collate information regarding the chosen topic.  My research question is “How can we effectively help young people with Type 1 Diabetes deal with their diagnosis and the misconceptions society has surrounding the disease?”. For my outcome I hope to formulate a book for young adult suffers of this disease. I came upon this question as at 12 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and found there was little support regarding the topic. By completing this survey and submitting your results you will be helping me to complete my research.


Just to let you know:

-          By submitting your results, you are agreeing to let me use them for research purposes only. By using survey monkey all your responses will be kept anonymous from me, however if you wish to personally contact me and withdraw your consent later or find out how your results have been used you can email me on: or contact me on: 0450554074 

- If you are willing to let your child take part in my research they can visit this link here -

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* 2. How old was your child at diagnosis?

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* 3. How did the doctors who diagnose your child help you and them deal with the diagnosis?

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* 4. Are you aware of any misconceptions within society of Type 1 Diabetes?

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* 5. What are the top 5 misconceptions you are aware of ? (can put less if need be)

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* 6. Of the following choices in order from 1-3 what do you think is the most effective way in helping young adults deal with their diagnosis and misconceptions?