* 1. Our shopping show or auction is held ...

* 2. When our shopping / auction is active, we sell items ...

* 3. Which day(s) of the week is your shopping show / auction active?

* 4. Is your shopping show / auction ...

* 5. Thinking about future enhancements, how important are the following new features?

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
More website templates
Templates and functionality for mobile users
Print your own certificates (listener can pay and print online)
More advanced point of sale tools
Streamlined administrative tools
Enhanced listener database tools
More options for promotion codes

* 6. Have you every used ezAuction for a charitable event?

* 7. Comparing this year to next, how would you describe shopping show / auction revenue as a part of your total station budget?

* 8. How important is product like an shopping show / auction to your advertising clients?

* 9. How important is a shopping show / auction to your sales team's efforts to close more sales?

* 10. Other comments and ideas: