Hi. Taking a few minutes on this page will help me get an idea of what is important to you on this project (and it might even help you too!). If, at the end, you feel there is something else you would like to add or ask, please feel free to do so. Thanks, holly

* 1. You (fill out only what you are comfortable with)

* 2. What type project do you have?

* 3. What is the purpose of the project?

* 4. What is your preferred method of communication?

* 5. Are you working with an architect or designer?

* 6. What is your estimated budget range for this project? ( construction budget )

* 7. When would you like to start?


* 8. What is the timeline for completion?


* 9. How important are the following factors for your project? (There is a comment area after each topic if you want to put it into your own words)

  Not a big deal A little important More than a little but not a lot Pretty important A really big deal
healthy materials (non toxic)
energy efficiency
fairly paid labor
locally manufactured products
completing on time
staying on budget
high quality construction
clean jobsite
ability to do some of the work
liking your contractor

* 10. Say anything, and thanks for what you've already said!