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The 6th Edition of the European Guideline Recommendations on Management of Major Bleeding and Coagulopathy After Trauma was published in early 2023. EUSEM Working Group of Emergency Medicine experts was collected recently to assess the relevance and implementation of the guidelines in the field of emergency medicine. A survey has been now designed to address the current situation in Europe in regards to massive haemorrhage as well as bleeding in patients on anti-coagulants, specifically highlighting any knowledge gaps and gauging current practice.
We appreciate if you could share your insights to these important issues by filling in the survey before 30th June 2023 at 23 59 (CEST) . It only takes 15 min to fill in.
Thank you in advance for your time!
If you wish to respond in Turkish or Slovak, you may change the language from top right corner.
Kind regards
Diana Cimpoesu and Mehmet Karamercan on behalf of the Working Group