* 1. How often do you check Room 11's classroom blog?

* 2. Do you follow the blog by email in order to receive updates about new posts?

* 3. What content do you most like you like to see on the blog? (Please rank from 1-8) (1 being posts you like the most, 8 being posts that aren't as important to you)

* 4. What has been your favourite post on Room 11's blog so far this year, and why?

* 5. Is there anything you would like to see more of on Room 11's classroom blog?

* 6. What device do you usually view the blog from?

* 7. Have you ever had trouble viewing Room 11's blog or any specific posts?

* 8. Do you find Room 11's blog user-friendly and easy to navigate? (i.e. can find posts easily, can search for specific information, can view the homework etc)

* 9. Receiving comments on our blog posts is very motivating for the students in Room 11. It shows that they have a genuine audience and that people are taking an active interest in their learning. Do you have any suggestions for ways I can encourage blog visitors to comment on posts?

* 10. Please make any further comments about the classroom blog here. I would really like to make sure it meets the needs of Room 11 students and families. The more information I have, the easier it will be for me to achieve this. Positive and constructive feedback are both welcomed!

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