SLA Chemistry Division (DCHE) is offering its 5th Annual Conference Buddy Program for the SLA2015 Conference in Boston, MA.  The intent is to help provide support or guidance for new(er) members and/or those attending the annual conference for the first or second time by pairing them with an experienced conference attendee.  The Buddy Program is a great way of connecting with members who share the same focus.  Both Buddies and Mentors should use this form to express interest.

Please complete this request form no later than 5 pm EDT on Friday, May 22nd so that Buddies can be matched prior to SLA2015.

* 1. I would like to:

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Are you a Chemistry Division member?

(This offer is available to Chemistry Division members and non-members.  However, if the number of Buddy requests exceeds the number of Mentors, Chemistry Division members will be matched first.)

* 4. What events would you like to attend with your Mentor or Buddy? (Choose all that apply.)

* 5. Topics, subjects, and industries that you are interested in exploring while at the conference (if any):

* 6. Are you interested in being matched with someone from academia or industry? (Answer only if you checked "Buddy" to Question 1.)

* 7. Do you prefer to be matched with a female or male Mentor? (Answer only if you checked "Buddy" to Question 1.)

* 8. Are there any specific areas of knowledge or expertise you would like your Mentor to have? (Answer only if you checked "Buddy" to Question 1.)

* 9. Please provide any additional information that may help the mentoring committee with matching.

Thank you for responding to this survey.  You will be contacted via email by a member of the Chemistry Division mentoring committee for follow-up.