Habitat Services currently has a limited number of operating subsidies available and we are also developing a housing waitlist.

Joining the Habitat portfolio includes:

Receipt of the Habitat Subsidy + Tenant Rent (which currently provides a combined income from subsidy and rents of $1509 monthly per tenant. We expect the subsidy amount to increase in 2018).

Tenants pay a fixed rate of rent —$ 543 for ODSP recipients and $ 357 for OW clients—which may result in increased disposable income for them

Support, Tenant Mediation, and Monitoring provided by a Habitat Residential Services Inspector

A ‘site support’ team which provides individual and group support to your tenants

Referrals received from Habitat coming from a centralized referral source—The Access Point

* 1. Contact information for Owner(s)

* 2. Address of Housing Site(s)

* 3. Please check all that apply

* 4. How many units/rooms does your existing house/building have?

* 5. What is the current state of tenancy?

* 6. Do you operate the home yourself?

* 7. Would you be interested in exploring potential management/support services partnerships?

* 8. Other Information or Comments