Broome Food Co-op Survey

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.


We are a group of people who are working to develop a Broome Food Co-Op. All answers you provide are anonymous and will be used to identify the possible capacity, interest and aspirations of people in developing a whole of community approach to a food cooperative in Broome.
A food co-op is an organisation that buys food collectively in bulk and sells it to our members in the quantities they want, without fancy packaging.


* 1. Do you live in Broome permanently?

* 2. How many people live in your household?

* 3. What is your average weekly grocery budget?

* 4. How much of your shopping do you do at the following outlets in Broome?

  All of my shopping Most of my shopping Some of my shopping None It depends on the circumstances happening at that time
Supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths)
Independent grocery stores like Fongs, Wings, IGA
Local producers
Online shopping

* 5. When choosing where to shop, how important are the following considerations?

  very important somewhat important not important
Convenient location
Brands I prefer
Product choice & availability
Car parking

* 7. Are there other non-perishable items such as tinned goods or shampoo that you would buy through a co-op?

* 8. Please tell us how important the following issues are to you

  very important fairly important a small consideration not important
food quality
price competitiveness
supporting local suppliers
organic certification
ethical business practices
food security
accessibility/ equity for community
building social capital

* 9. If you have been involved in a food co-op before, please share your experience

* 10. How important is it to you that a food co-op increases food security for low income people in Broome?

* 11. If you have experience, skills or interests that you would be willing to donate in relation to developing a co-op in Broome (financial management, time, research skills, other), please tell us about them below.

* 12. Would you be interested in being on the steering committee of a food co-op in Broome?

* 13. If you would you like to be on  our mailing list and receive further information on the progress of the Broome Food co-op, please provide your email address in the box below.

* 14. Do you have any comments, suggestions or ideas you would like to share?