As part of Goshen's Stormwater Program, Goshen is required to provide information to the public and municipal employees on different stormwater topics.

Please check out the Goshen Stormwater Department webpage on the City's website for more information on practices and procedures:

Thank you for your time to complete the survey.

* 1. What is a Watershed?

* 2. Polluted stormwater runoff can cause which of the following effects?

* 3. [True/False] As the amount of hard surface in an area goes up, the amount of stormwater runoff flowing off of the area goes down.

* 4. If you see someone dumping or evidence of something strange on the ground, in a catch basin, or in a waterway, who should you contact?

* 5. In the event of a spill, you should (select all that apply):

* 6. At the end of the workday, all materials should be placed back within secondary containment.

* 7. During a normal rain event, how might stormwater runoff be treated before it reaches a local waterway (select the two True statements)?

* 8. The City of Goshen implements a Stormwater Management Program because:

* 9. Always remember to clean up your work area or site at the end of each day by picking up trash; sweeping up sediment, grass clippings, or oil-dri; putting materials back in secondary containment; placing drip pans under equipment; and checking to make sure there are no other potential stormwater issues.

If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns for the Stormwater Department please let us know here:

* 10. Remember dumpster lids should always be closed at the end of each work day and if the dumpster is leaking it needs to be replaced.

Please select from the following which two statements apply to you so we know who has taken this survey: