1. 2010 Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast Survey

* 1. Was this your first AJC Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast?

* 2. How did you hear about the Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast? Please check all that apply.

* 3. Please identify other diversity initiatives you would like to participate in.

* 4. Do you use social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, google groups, etc...)? If yes, which social media platform do you use most frequently? If no, would you consider joining one?

* 5. As you may have heard at the Diversity Breakfast, the three co-sponsors are setting up a social media platform which will include 1) a calendar of interfaith or intergroup programs in the area; 2) a vehicle for promoting and publicizing regional events; and 3) an on-line discussion forum about issues relevant to our communities. Would you be interested in access this media platform?

* 6. Did you feel that the roundtable discussions were informative and productive? Based on your roundtable discussions, do you feel that you have a better appreciation of other faiths? Please provide us with any suggestions that you may have to make these discussions better.

* 7. Was there some aspect of the event that particularly moved/impressed/inspired and/or disappointed you? Please comment below.

* 8. Help us plan next year's Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast. Check all that apply:

* 9. Would you like to receive occasional emails about programs other attendees may be involved with?

* 10. Please provide us with your name, affiliation and email. (Optional)