* 1. How would you describe your overall experience with the WCB website?

* 2. Please rate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is “strongly agree” and 5 is “strongly disagree.”

  1: strongly agree 2 3 4 5: strongly disagree
I use this website frequently.
I find the website unnecessarily complex.
I think the website is easy to use.
Sometimes I need the support of a technical person to be able to use this website.
I find the various functions in this website are well integrated.
I think there is too much inconsistency in this website.
I would imagine that most people would learn to use this website very quickly.
I find the website very cumbersome to use.
I feel very confident using the website.
I needed to learn a lot of things before I could get going with this website.
I am likely to recommend this website to a friend or colleague.

* 3. How would you rate www.wcb.mb.ca on the following:

  Very good Good Poor Very poor N/A
Visual appeal
Accuracy of search function
Clear language

* 4. What do you primarily use the WCB site for? Choose all that apply.