Below are 10 potential questions for our new podcast.

For this exercise, you must choose the best THREE from the list for Scott to answer in the podcast.

And, for the THREE questions you picked, explain why you picked it over the other questions.

Leave the other SEVEN questions — the ones you wouldn't choose — blank.

A couple of hints:
  • The question must be interesting … think of it like a Facebook post from a random person you kinda know ... is it enough to make you stop and read?
  • Play out the conversation in your head. How would the question translate to a podcast interview format? Would it work?
  • Remember, you'll have to convince this person to appear on a podcast and ask their question.

* 1. "I am a young female studying to be a vet (a notoriously underpaid job). I don't have any debt yet, but I just can't think of any financial goals. I often spend more than I earn. Please help me get some direction!"

* 2. "I kept being told by banks and others that I need a credit card and should get a loan, even a small one for a car, so I will be able to get a home loan one day. My question is are they lying and if I save enough I'll get a home loan anyway or should I do as the say? I was thinking of spending 15,000 on a car with a 5,000 loan, is this wise?"

* 3. "I borrowed money $14,000 from a friend and returned $50,000 in cash in the next couple of months! Now he denies having received it and demands compound interest. How can I settle this? There was no agreement between us on interest payment!"

* 4. "Hi there, My family home is provided by my workplace so I do not have a mortgage (or any equity in my own home). I have 3 investment properties (units) all valued around $350k. 1 & 2 : Loan $207k, Income : $14k, Interest : $11k, Expenses $5k. 3 : Loan $325k, Income : $14k, Interest : $17k, Expenses $5k. I am following your tips to try and save more money and build my 'Mojo account'. For the money I save, am I best to invest in shares or pay off the mortgage on my investment properties?"

* 5. "I am due to get married in October, but I'm starting to think I have made a terrible mistake. My fiance and I have been arguing about the cost of the wedding since I proposed. She has turned into a Bridezilla and wants us to spend $48,000 on the wedding (which we don’t have), and I want to spend $15,000 on a cheap backyard wedding, and save for a house. What should I do?"

* 6. "Hi Scott, I’m great with money, but my sister is 40, but acts like she is 14. Her spending is out of control. She spends thousands of dollars on makeup and clothes, but can’t afford to pay her rent. She often hits up my parents for rent, which they can’t afford. She doesn’t like talking about it, and shuts down at the mere suggestion of anything related to money. Can you talk to her?"

* 7. "Should I pay a financial company $5000 up front and $250 p.mth to manage $490,000 I have in my work super fund.I have now retired.it would be moved from that low cost super fund.As my pension is $400 per fortnight it would be very costly. i have no idea if the returns would be worthwhile. I hope you can help?"

* 8. "Hi Scott, I am a 74 yr. young pensioner with a credit card problem. I live alone. My Commonwealth card has a balance of $16,000 with interest at 13.99%, I have been paying it off at $205 per fortnight. Is there any hope for me? Any suggestions?"

* 9. "I’m married with a 3 year old girl. I’m thinking about quitting my job as a graphic designer ($75k), and following my dream of starting up an online fashion label (which I will sell online). I have $12,500 saved up. What do I need to know before I take the leap?"

* 10. "I am considering buying a block of land through a scheme called Own Your Own Block (OYOB). I would be interested if you have heard of the company and what your thoughts are on the investment proposal?"

* 11. EXERCISE 2:

A woman has written to us with a confession: she has a $12,000 credit card debt...that her husband doesn't know about. She's deeply embarrassed about her situation, and is reluctant to talk about it on air -- but really wants our help.

What do you say to her, to convince her to come on our podcast and share her story?

* 12. We want this to be the #1 podcast on iTunes, what kind of questions will achieve that?

* 13. What have you done in the past that makes you the best person for this gig?

* 14. Are you a Blueprint member?

* 15. Your name

* 16. Email address

* 17. Phone number

* 18. Links to your social media profiles:

* 19. Anything else you think we should know about you?