Whitewater Club Survey

* 1. What is your club's contact information?

* 2. How many active club members does your club have?

* 3. How many males and females are registered with your club?

* 4. How many members does your club have in the following age categories?

* 5. Are there members of the same family registered at your club?

* 6. If you answered yes to Question 5, please specify how many family relationships you have within your club?

* 7. Rank the whitewater disciplines in order of the most to least popular at your club. (One being the most popular and four being the least.)

* 8. Please provide the ratios of the disciplines at your club, based on number of participants. (i.e. 50% Slalom, 25% Freestyle, 15% Polo, 10% Wildwater.)

* 9. What condition is your club's equipment in? (Including boats, gates, clubhouse and storage.)

* 10. Please detail the quantity of your equipment? (i.e. 10 kid’s river running boats, 5 adult slalom kayaks, 5 downriver c1’s, etc.)

* 11. Please list your club's annual events (i.e. slalom race, freestyle event....etc.)

* 12. Does your club send athletes to the Whitewater National Championships? If so how many on average?

* 13. Does your club send athletes to the Polo National Championships? If so how many on average?

* 14. What are some limitations that your club encounters?

* 15. What events hosted by your club have been the most successful?

* 16. How can the Canoe Kayak Canada development committee help grow your club base?