* 1. Over 2/3's of our audience travel to the Festival and we're keen to feature local accommodation providers on our website. All you have to do is fill in these questions and we can do that! Hooray.

What is the name of the accommodation?

* 2. What is the full address and postcode of the accommodation?

* 3. What type of accommodation do you offer?

* 4. Where would you describe your accommodation as being located?

* 5. Is your accommodation on a regularly serviced bus or train route?

* 6. If so, when is the first and last bus/train in and out of Machynlleth?

* 7. How many rooms do you offer and what is the approximate cost?

* 8. What is the phone number and email that is best for people to contact you?

* 9. What is your name? This won't be used on the website, but just used if we need to contact you.

* 10. Please use this box to add any additional information you'd like to about your accommodation. Once you've filled in the survey please email us a picture to hello@machcomedyfest.co.uk. Many thanks, Machynlleth Comedy Festival.