* 1. How did you learn about Framations?

* 2. If you have entered one of our juried exhibts, what do you like about them?

* 3. If you haven't entered one of our juried exhibits, or haven't in a while, what keeps you away?

* 4. Did you know we offer a 10% artist discount on all framing and gallery purchases?

* 5. Did you know that we offer a 20% discount on all framing and gallery purchases when you are a featured artist in a juried, group, or solo exhibit at Framations?

* 6. Did you know you can suggest a theme for consideration through our website? (Here's the link!)

* 7. Did you know that you can order framing supplies (including fome core, mats, hardware, etc) from us to save on shipping costs? With no need to order box quantities! Here's a list of some of the framing supplies we offer!

* 8. Did you know that since 2013, we digitally document each of our exhibits and we have had sales resulting from this ongoing visual resource? See our past exhibits here.

* 9. Amy and Sarah at Framations are always looking to improve their exhibits and offer opportunities that artists intrigue both the artists involved and the viewing public. Do you have any constructive criticism to help them improve?

* 10. How interested are you in the following exhibits? You can learn more about these themes here.

  Not my cup of tea Somewhat uninterested Neutral I might enter I plan on entering!
Organic by Nature
Memory: Joy and Loss
Beyond the Lens: XII
Brilliant Color
Those Who Dream by Night II
The Science of It