* 1. I have been thinking of renting a small wall in my studio to other artists.  If this was available to you in your area would it be something you would consider? 

* 2. If you did take part,  would you prefer a set fee, commission only or mixture of both

* 3. Please choose the price range you would be prepared to pay, for a months rent,  if on a set fee

* 4. What percentage would you expect to pay on commission only basis?

* 5. If you could hire a wall for a month to display your art work, would you like the option to hold a private viewing, prior to opening?

* 6. Would you expect to do your own publicity as well as what the studio would provide, to get more viewings?

* 7. Thank you for taking part in my little survey,  if you would like to be contacted in the future for further details about displaying your work in a studio at Clevedon Craft Centre in North Somerset,  Please leave you e-mail address below.

Many thanks