* 1. Are you a ___________?

* 2. What is your curricular group or research division?

* 3. In your opinion, how reasonable is the proposed SIO library closure as a means for saving money?

  1 totally fine 2 3 neutral (sad but sacrifices must be made) 4 5 ludicrous suggestion. is nothing sacred???


If you do not respond to this question, we will assume the answer is no.

* 5. We’re going to have to make sacrifices, but we want to know what you value about the library so that we know what to push for and have data to back-up our claims when we talk with the UCSD administration.

What services do you value most from the SIO Library?
(Please choose only your top five and give them a ranking from 1-5)

  1 = Lowest 2 3 4 5 = Highest
Hardcopy scientific texts
Hardcopy journals
SIO archives: historic publications, and reports (eg. CalCOFI Atlas)
Physical course reserves
Place to pick-up books/journals (after making an online reservation)
Charts and maps
GIS Workstation
Large Format Printer
Study space
Meeting space
Knowledgeable research assistance (eg. Amy Butros)
Historical significance
Reputation of Scripps

* 6. Which of the following suggestions seem the most feasible and desirable to you?

(Pick as many as you like, and feel free to elaborate on your views below)

  good idea bad idea good idea but not realistic
Compromise on library space: divide it such that one/two floor(s) contain archives and other selected materials, while the other floor(s) become dedicated to non-library uses.
Decrease SIO library open hours.
Raise >$40,000 to implement a swipe-card access system so students can use study/meeting rooms at more flexible hours. (this would mean limited access to the stacks but increased access to meeting/study areas)
Offer incentives for donors to support the library, such as tours through the archives or renting out space for events (like the forum).
None: I'm fine with the library closing. We're in a bad financial situation and this is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

* 7. If you think it's a good idea to decrease SIO library hours, during which of the following time slots are you most likely to use the library?

(Please pick ONLY your top 3.)

  desirable open hours undesirable open hours
weekdays 9am-1pm
weekdays 1pm-5pm
weekdays 5pm-9pm
weekends 9am-1pm
weekends 1pm-5pm
weekends 5pm-9pm
random combination of the above hours INCLUDING weekends (such as M 9am-1pm, Tu 1pm-5pm, S 9am-5pm, Su 5pm-9pm)
random combination of the above hours EXCLUDING weekends (such as M 9am-1pm, Tu 1pm-5pm, W 9am-5pm, Th 5pm-9pm)

* 8. What are your positive suggestions on how to make the library budget cuts as minimally disruptive to you and the SIO community as possible?

(We know you’re all creative, pragmatic, problem solvers…here’s your chance to shine!)

* 9. Do you have a unique or heart-wrenching tale of the SIO library's invaluable and irreplaceable role in your research/life/studies/well-being?

* 10. Many of us need a place to just vent. Here it is!

Rant here.