Youth Transportation Needs Questionnaire

The Saugeen Economic Development Corporation, Launch Pad and local transportation providers, are working together to identify ways of providing transportation options for youth. Our survey will be used to assess the current transportation needs in the following communities: Hanover, Durham, Paisley, Chesley, Walkerton, Mildmay, Ayton and Neustadt.
Your input is important to us even if all people in your household drive or do not use other forms of local transportation services.

* 1. How often do any youth (age 12-18) in your household require a ride to get around for work/school/ sports or other recreational purpose trips?

* 2. What are your means of transportation? (Please check all that apply.)

* 3. What times would you MOST want to use a transportation service? (Please check all that apply.)

* 4. What days of the week would you be most likely to travel locally using a transportation service? (Please check all that apply

* 5. How important would each of the following characteristics be in your decision to use a transportation service?

(check all that apply)

  Not Improtant Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Service from home to work
Evening service
Late-night service
Weekend service
Very few stops
Clear fare structure
Easy to arrange
Same day scheduling
Wheelchair accessible
Cost of service

* 6. Do you think that there is community support for a youth transportation service?

* 7. How often do you feel transportation is a barrier to you or a member of your household?

* 8. How old are you and the other members of your household? (Please check each the space that applies)