* 1. In order to ensure that you watched the presentation, please take this quick quiz and we'll get back to you after reviewing the answers. Thank you for your interest in Children's Health!

* 2. Tobacco accounts for more deaths than AIDS, fires, car accidents, heroin, homicide, suicide, cocaine and alcohol combined.

* 3. Environmental Tobacco Smoke contains over 70 compounds which are known to cause cancer.

* 4. Sidestream smoke contains lower concentrations of toxic elements.

* 5. Children exposed to Environmental Tobacco Smoke are susceptible to which health risks....

* 6. In the United States, half of the children under age 5 are exposed to tobacco smoke.

* 7. As longs as there is proper ventilation in the car and home, children will be safe from secondhand smoke.

* 8. As long as you can't smell secondhand smoke in the air, the air no longer contains harmful chemicals.

* 9. Which of the following are triggers for asthma.....

* 10. An asthma action plan is important because.....

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