* 1. This class is challenging.

* 2. This class repeats things I have already learned.

* 3. I complete all class work.

* 4. I complete all homework / projects

* 5. My teacher explains the standards so I can understand them.

* 6. My teacher clearly explains what is required to earn an “A” or “B”.

* 7. My teacher shows me examples of “A” work.

* 8. I am required to re-do work that does not meet standards.

* 9. I work with different partners or different small groups in this class.

* 10. My teacher shows how what we learn in MATHEMATICS class relates to the real world.

* 11. I have stood before the class and made an oral presentation on a major project or assignment.

* 12. Learning is fun in this class

* 13. I use my MATHEMATICS skills to solve problems in other classes.

* 14. I work with different partners and in different groups in this class.

* 15. If I am failing, I am required to attend an extra help class or receive tutoring.

* 16. My teacher asks me to write descriptions about how I have solved a problem.

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