The Columbia University Artemis Project is looking for female undergraduate coordinators to introduce middle school girls to topics in computer science and engineering over the summer. In the past, topics have ranged from robotics, circuitboards and programming, to computational biology, graph theory and computer vision. The time commitment includes eight weeks of Monday through Friday work during the summer from the last week in June through the third week in August, as well as some prep in late Spring 2013, and some help selecting the next year's coordinators in late Fall 2013 or early Spring 2014. Coordinators determine the course curriculum, lead instruction, mentor the middle school participants, and select the following year's coordinators. A faculty mentor, Prof. Malkin, is available for guidance and help. This position receives a stipend, as well as providing valuable teaching and learning experience, and leadership skills.

Interviews for the coordinator position will be held the first weeks of the Spring semester 2013. Applicants will be invited for interviews via email over the winter break. Thank you for your interest in the Artemis Project.

Instructions: Please answer the questions as completely as possible, adding comments and details where applicable.

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