LA CCHC Training Application

This training is designed to provide the tools with which Child Care Health Consultants can turn their knowledge into effective interventions that improve health and safety for children, staff, and others within the child care community.To become a LACCHC, you must:
  • Meet the minimum qualifications
  • Submit this registration application and be approved
  • Complete the state training session provided by the Louisiana Child Care Health Consultant Program
  • Agree to provide a specified number of trainings and consultations.
There is no cost for the training. Continuing Education is not offered for the online training. 
Please provide us with the following information. Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for and complete the LACCHC Training.

* 1. Full Name

* 2. Email 

* 3. Street Address

* 4. Phone Number

* 5. Place of Employment

* 9. Are you familiar with the Public Health Sanitary Code?

* 10. Are you familiar with the DCFS childcare regulations?

* 11. Why do you want to be a LACCHC? (100 words or less)

* 12. Describe your vision for a safe, healthy child care center. (100 words or less)

* 13. What area of expertise can you offer when called on by a child care provider for guidance? (25 words or less)

* 14. How available are you to provide services to child care centers?

* 15. How available are you to travel?

* 16. Additional Comments