The quickest way to improve the quality of a waterway is to bring watershed activities into full compliance with clean water laws. At 9:30 am on Saturday June 30th and Wednesday, July 11th a workshop on this topic will be held at the Annapolis Branch of the Anne Arundel County library. To register for this workshop complete the following questions For further detail visit or contact CEDS at or 410-654-3021.

* 1. Please provide all of the contact information requested below.

* 2. Which workshop would you like to attend?

* 3. Which of the following are of most interest to you?

  Most Interest Moderate Least Interest
Composting facilities;
Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO);
Construction site sediment pollution;
Drinking water treatment plants;
Gas Pipelines;
Golf courses;
Illicit discharges to storm sewers;
Industrial-Manufacturing discharges;
Logging-Timber harvesting;
Manure storage;
Marinas and other boating facilities;
Mining operations;
Oil and gas extraction;
Other point source (NPDES) discharges;
Power plants;
Recent filling in wetlands, channels, or floodplains;
Riding stables;
Sewage pumping stations;
Sewage sludge disposal;
Sewage treatment plants;
Stormwater hotspots (e.g., vehicle repair facilities);
Stormwater management facilities (are they being maintained to maximize pollution retention);
Surface and ground water withdrawals;
Transfer stations;
Transmission lines and substations;
Wastewater treatment plants;