* 1. Is it valuable to categorise Apps beyond; Informational, Monitoring, Decision Support, Transactional?

* 2. For transactional Apps how intensive does a clinical review need to be if the App has passed functional/transactional testing?

* 3. Where do you perceive the greatest value to patients from Apps?

* 4. Can you identify any gaps in the market where you believe an app would be useful, but where you don't think one already exists?

* 5. How much importance would you place on user (patient) feedback and review?

* 6. Could user (patient) feedback alone lead to a self-regulating App Catalogue?

* 7. Can you provide example of apps – especially Monitoring, Transactional and Decision Support/Aids?

* 8. What is your view on how these app categories might relate to the MHRA guidance on medical devices?

* 9. What criteria would you wish to see applied for inclusion of an app in a NHS App store?