1. New Member Contact Information

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* 1. First and Last Name.

* 2. What is your Facebook account name?

* 3. Click here to add Joan Ifland as a friend on Facebook.

* 4. Textable cell phone number.

* 5. Confidential email where we may discuss health issues if needed.

* 6. The training will start on as soon as your registration is complete. We will start by adding you to the 3 Secret Groups at Facebook.  When you're comfortable with accessing the Secret Groups, we will show you how to access the daily phone call and replays.  When you're settled with those, we'll add you to the special chats.  It's a comprehensive program that you mold to fit your lifestyle. You can build your program at your own pace.

* 7. Payment is as you are able. We only offer loose guidelines. For example, if there is a good income into your household, the fee could be $15 per week.  If $7 a week is more comfortable for your household, it would be OK. However, if you are on assistance and supporting only yourself, a suggested fee could be $20 per month.  You may qualify for deferment of fees if you are on assistance supporting another person. Once your registration is complete, we will send you a link to set up your chosen payment through Paypal. 

* 8. If you are deferring payment, how long are you wanting to do so?