Beacon Hill Civic Association

* 1. Are you a member of the Beacon Hill Civic Association?

* 2. The City of Boston changed the frequency of trash & recycling pickup in July 2014. The change for Beacon Hill was from 3 trash pickups and 1 recycling pickup per week to 2 combined trash and recycling pick-ups per week.

  Yes No No Opinion
Has the change led to a cleaner neighborhood?
Has your amount of trash decreased?
Are you recycling more?

* 3. The City of Boston initiated a program to ticket residents who don’t comply with the trash and recycling guidelines in March 2010.

  Yes No No Opinion
Are you aware of this (green/trash) ticketing program?
If so, is it deterring improper disposal of trash?

* 4. The City of Boston initiated a Constituent Service Center called BOS:311 on August 11, 2015. The purpose of this service center is to provide residents a means of reporting non-emergency problems to the appropriate City department. There are 4 ways to contact the City: telephone call, smartphone app, tweeting and via the web.

  Yes No
Are you aware of this program for reporting problems?
If so, do you use it?

* 5. The City supplements regularly scheduled mechanical street sweeping by utilizing manual sweepers, called hokeys. A hokey is usually a person with a florescent safety vest using a broom and shovel (and a barrel on a dolly) to clean the sidewalks and gutters.

  Yes No
Are you aware of the hokey program?
If so, do you see them on a regular basis?

* 6. The Beacon Hill Civic Association’s Streets and Sidewalks Committee advocates the placement of trash and recyclables on the sidewalk no earlier than 7 AM of the day of the pickup, currently Monday and Friday.

  Yes No
Are you able to comply with this time guideline?

* 7. Do you have any specific comments regarding the cleanliness of Beacon Hill?