Dear Director:

We at the Cardiac Sciences department of the I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute are conducting a research study on patterns of physician staffing and models of postoperative care in Cardiac Surgical Care Units across the country.


Your participation is completely voluntary but essential to ensure accuracy of national physician staffing patterns in the post-operative cardiac surgery patent.

We hypothesize physician staffing models for cardiac surgery patients vary widely. A description of current staffing model has not been previously reported. Our interests are to determine the level of variability that exists in the care of the postoperative patients following open-chest (or minimally invasive) cardiac surgical procedures (not including pacemaker and AICD procedures).

Our aim is to collect data to be able to determine what is considered “standard care” in the postoperative setting in Canada. This will serve to determine the current methods of postoperative care provided across Canada and the key stakeholders who are involved in the care of the postoperative cardiac patient. Results from this survey will add to the knowledge of various staffing models and potentially benefit patient outcomes.

Through your participation you are providing consent to participate in this survey. There are minimal foreseeable risks as the survey is quick and only pertaining to general staffing patterns. The data collected will not be reported by institution. In the provinces where only one or two centers are present, data will be pooled in the presentation of the results to avoid identification of specific centers. The principal investigators will keep the data in a confidential database. The results will be available to all participating centers after compilation.

Note that while some questions appear similar, they do represent different levels of detail that will allow us to characterize the staffing model in your centre. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding this study by one of the contact methods above.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


Rakesh C. Arora MD PhD FRCSC FACS
Rudy Falk Clinician Scientist
Co-Founder and Chair - The CANCARE (The CANadian CARdiovascular critical carE) Society