1. Survey Questions

This is survey is designed to reveal our generations veiw on abortion.

* 1. A fetus is a person.

* 2. Do you agree with this statement?
"Abortion involves ending the life of a developing human being by a number of surgical and medical techniques"

* 3. All forms of abortion are murder.

* 4. Fetal development should be taken into consideration when contemplating whether or not to have an abortion.

* 5. A women has complete control over her own body regardless of the potential life that is at stake.

* 6. There are some circumstances that morally justify abortion.

* 7. Finances should be considered as a legitimate reason to have an abortion.

* 8. Birth control pills should be considered as a form of abortion.

* 9. Abortion should not be allowed, if being used as a back up contraceptive.

* 10. Its a womens duty/responsibility to carry to term an unwanted child.