Community Input on the Bellevue CSD Facilities

The Bellevue Community School District Facilities Committee and the Board of Education has determined a need for extensive renovations or replacement of the current Bellevue Elementary building based on the overall age and condition of some parts of the building. The district’s goal is to continually work to provide learning facilities which allow our students to have as many opportunities as possible for learning in our community and school setting, and the district recently hired the Legat Architect Group to assist in the process of an analysis of the facilities in the district.
Some history of the Bellevue Elementary building and campus is below, along with major infrastructure and maintenance in the last 20 years:

Building Construction Dates at Bellevue Elementary
  • 1848 - Original Bellevue Elementary construction (originally the Jackson County Courthouse)
  • 1949 - Elementary gymnasium and cafeteria addition
  • 1961 & 1972 - Major additions to Bellevue Elementary
Infrastructure Improvements at Bellevue Elementary
  • 2003 - Playground equipment replacement
  • 2005 - Installation of an elevator for accessibility issue
  • 2006 - Replaced roof on the 1848 building
  • 2013 - Renovation of an entry area into the current elementary office area
In order to be more effective in the future improvement process it is imperative to gather input from our community members.  As a result, below is a short survey to assist the committee and the school board as we look to move forward and explore options for the district. In addition, we will be having community meetings and building tours this Fall for more open discussion, question/answer time, and overall time to gain the perspectives and feedback from our community.  

A virtual tour of the Bellevue Elementary building is located at the following link:

To share your thoughts and perspectives, please complete this brief survey on the facilities at Bellevue Elementary and in the district as a whole.  Thanks in advance for your assistance in this process.

Surveys must be completed by September 1, 2017 

* 1. What is your perception of the facilities at the Bellevue Elementary School?

* 2. What 21st Century Learning ideas and other areas should be incorporated into facilities in the district?  Please select your top two choices from those listed below.

* 3. In order to make significant improvements to the facilities our Bellevue Elementary students attend it will take the willingness of the community to invest financially in the renovation or construction of a new school. This will also serve as an investment in our children’s future and the betterment of the community for years to come. What is your level of willingness to invest conservatively in this process?

* 4. What would be your concerns with either a remodel/renovation of the current Bellevue Elementary building or building a new elementary?

* 5. Please provide any additional comments.