1. Please provide some basic demographic information about yourself

2. Please list your current and/or former employment history in journalism (staff or freelance)

3. Are you familiar with the phrase 'the Silly Season'?

4. If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, what is your understanding of its meaning?

5. Which season, or month/s of the calendar year would you associate with the 'Silly Season'?

6. What type/category of story would you associate with 'silly season' ? Please list your responses 1,2,3, etc

7. Have you ever written or broadcast a 'silly season' story? If your answer is 'yes' please summarise the story and the circumstances of publication.

8. Which 'Silly Season' stories do you feel were or are particularly memorable and why?

9. Do 'silly season' stories have a purpose or function in terms of news values and/or the news agenda? Please explain your answer in the box provided

10. What role, if any, has the internet played in the the dissemination of 'Silly Season' stories?