Housing First/Harm Reduction Quiz 

Below is a 20 question quiz that tests your knowledge on the concepts of Housing First and Harm Reduction.  These two strategies are currently being utilized in homeless services to serve some of the most chronically homeless individuals.  It is important that all staff working in homeless services understand how they guide services.  

Good Luck!  20 points for all correct !
20:  Professional
18-19:  Good grasp
15-17:  Need refresher
14 or below:  Need more training

Michael Ullman, Ph.D.

* 1. Housing First means that clients can move directly from the streets to permanent housing on the same day.

* 2. Housing First means clients do not have to follow any rules.

* 3. Housing First means clients should be prioritized based on service need.

* 4. Housing First means acceptance of treatment and services by clients is often more likely after stabilization in permanent housing.

* 5. Housing First means clients can move from one permanent housing location to another if needed.

* 6. Housing First means clients are never told that treatment might be beneficial.

* 7. Housing First means clients do not have to pay any rent.

* 8. Housing First means that clients are empowered to lead their housing process.

* 9. Housing First means staff should always buy alcohol for clients if they request.

* 10. Housing First means staff should never discuss treatment with clients.

* 11. Harm Reduction means that relapse is an expected part of recovery.

* 12. Harm Reduction means staff should instruct clients not to do things that will harm themselves.

* 13. Harm Reduction means empowering clients to take charge of their lives.

* 14. Harm Reduction means explaining to clients the discrepancies between their goals and their behaviors.

* 15. Harm Reduction means keeping clients away from family members so they won't harm children or relatives.

* 16. Harm Reduction means staff use motivational strategies to move clients towards positive change.

* 17. Programs that give free needles for IV drug-users are a good example of implementing a Harm Reduction strategy.

* 18. Harm Reduction views drug addiction as a public health problem, not a criminal justice issue.

* 19. Harm Reduction prioritizes daily sobriety over overall well-being.

* 20. Housing First and Harm Reduction are accepted by everyone as the right thing to do.