Request for Information (RFI): Ideas for clinical trials to be conducted by the NHLBI Asthma Network

The NHLBI invites the scientific community, health professionals, patient advocates, and the general public to provide suggestions on the following questions. Please note: it may be helpful to review all questions first, before preparing responses; respondents may choose to answer as many questions as they choose.

* 1. What are the most important clinical management trial(s) that should be conducted by AsthmaNet? For each trial listed, please indicate the primary research question to be addressed, the primary outcome of interest, and the targeted study population.

* 2. What are the most persistent challenges in keeping a patient’s asthma well controlled?

* 3. What are the most important gaps in the NAEPP Expert Panel Report-3: Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma?

* 4. What proof-of-concept studies would you recommend AsthmaNet perform?

* 5. Should AsthmaNet undertake intervention trials that address barriers to clinicians or patients implementing or adhering to NAEPP clinical practice guidelines’ recommendations? If so, what are the most important trials to perform?

* 6. (Optional) Provide name and affiliation